Living a Vegan Life

Good all-around websites for vegan information.

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Choose Veg  

Food Empowerment Project  

Go Veg  

Try Veg  

Vegan Outreach  

Vegetarian Resource Group  


Veganize Your Recipes

And, the local

Arch Vegans

St. Louis Vegetarian Society

STL Vegan

Websites for information on veg dogs and cats

Vegan Cats

Vegan Dog Nutrition Association


Vegetarian Dogs

There are so many reasons to go vegan, it’s hard to know where to begin. Of course, we believe the fair treatment of all animals is the foremost reason. (In case you think it’s possible to humanely raise and kill animals for food, browse the Humane Myth site.)

If you need further motivation, consider the devastating environmental effects of animal agriculture; the positive health potential of a vegan diet; or the impact our diets have on world hunger.

Veg Pet Food Companies

Ami Foods  for dogs and cats

AvoDerm  for dogs

Evanger’s  for dogs and cats

Evolution Diet  for dogs, cats, and ferrets

Halo  for dogs

Natural Balance  for dogs

Nature’s Recipe  for dogs

PetGuard Organics  for dogs

V-dog for dogs

Vegan Cats  for dogs and cats

VegePet  supplements for homemade pet food

Wenaewe for dogs

Local Stores Selling Veg Pet Food

Pets in the City

1919 South Grand Blvd., Suite 101

St. Louis, MO 63104


Online Stores Selling Veg Pet Food




Vegan Cats

Vegan Essentials