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Animal Concerns

Animal Law News

Global Animal

Huffington Post Animal Rights News

The Dodo

The Guardian Animal Rights News

Topix Animal Rights News

Photo Collections and Other Media

Animals Voice Video Collection (including Cowspiracy and Earthlings)

Factory Farm Map

PETA Video Collection

Vegan Outreach Video Collection

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Animals in Entertainment  

Animals Used for Clothing

Animals Used for Experimentation

Animals Used for Food

Companion Animals  

Issues surrounding animals kept as pets, in addition to companion animal care and spay/neuter resources.


Our use of other species in the name of science and education is not only barbaric, but pointless and antiquated.


From circuses and rodeos, to races and pigeon shoots, we humans exploit many different animals in our quest for fun.


It isn’t just fur coats - it’s fur trim, feathers, down, leather, wool, and other animal “fabrics.”


A selection of pages on the concept of rights for all species, plus the violence link and faith-based resources.

"Animal Rights"

Information and resources for living a fantastic vegan life.

Vegan Life

The broad array of dangers facing wild animals, as well as how to help more local wildlife.


Explore the array of animal sites dedicated to informing kids (and teachers and parents, too).

Kids' Sites

Humane Scorecard - How Your Legislators Voted

Veganize Your Favorite Recipes

Veg-Friendly Dining & Travel

World Animal Net - Directory of Groups plus Resources

Animal Abuse Database

Animal Legal Center - Laws and Cases

Animal Protection Laws of MO - as of 9/2015

Animal Protection Laws of USA and Canada

Compassion in World Farming - Farm Reports

Counting Animals - Data on Animal Issues

Faunalytics - Research on Animal Issues

Helpful Veg Websites for More Information

There are now more animal-related resources available than ever before. You just have to know where to look. To help with that, we have compiled a categorized list of some worthwhile websites, reports, and fact sheets. While it is not an exhaustive list, we hope you can use it as a jumping off point in your search for information.

Below is a quick list of some popular issues, as well as a brief listing of good animal news sites. To the right are more extensive directories broken down by topic.