Our July Bi-Monthly Meeting was a stimulating and informative roundtable on breed specific legislation. Because so many people are interested in this topic, we are compiling notes taken at the meeting, so you have a synopsis of what was discussed. Stay tuned!

Notes from Tuesday’s meeting coming soon

START Board Member honored by PETA!Chemical safety act will phase out animal useDon’t forget MO has a pet-friendly plate

START’s own, Dana Stilwell, is this year’s winner in the TeachKind Teacher Appreciation Contest! Dana is a hard worker for START, and a dedicated and compassionate teacher, as well.

The newly signed Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act will mean an end (albeit gradual) to animal use in chemical testing.

Did you know MO has a pet-friendly license plate that helps fund spay and neuter services? Check it out, and get yours today!

Can you help get the word out that Wash U stubbornly refuses to use 21st Century training methods?

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Best news of the day... Worst news of the day...

McDonald’s closing more restaurants than ever before

Police kill little boy’s dog ON HIS BIRTHDAY

Exciting BSL Roundtable at July Meeting

Who would have guessed trapping for fur is actually increasing? In fact, it has risen 20% since 2004. We need to do a better job of exposing the truth about this hideous practice, because wildlife agencies continue to promote it through misinformation.

Fur trapping on the


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