Animals Used for Fashion

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While the revolting trends of the full-length mink coat and fox stole have all but disappeared, we have nothing to celebrate. Decreasing sales sparked new and hideously inventive ways to profit from animal skins, the most prevalent being fur-trimmed everything. It’s not just coats and hoods, but earmuffs, gloves, headbands, skirts, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, and more. The worst part is that many people purchase the real thing, believing such a small amount must be faux fur. (You cannot rely on labels.)

Fur-bearing animals are not the only ones to suffer for fashion. Sheep, birds, cows, reptiles, and other animals are also raised and killed for their hair, feathers, and skin.

Suffering and death are never stylish. As with vegan alternatives to animal foods, there’s a wide array of alternate choices for clothing and accessories.