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The dictionary definition of “vivisection” is the cutting of or operating on live animals for physiological or pathological purposes. The first known use of the word was as far back as 1707. Today the term vivisection has come to mean any experimentation on live animals, whether invasive or not.

We oppose vivisection on moral grounds. Humans do not have the right to subject other species to the stress, pain, and degradation of experimentation, no matter what the alleged benefit.

Additionally, we question the claimed benefit and oppose vivisection because it is an antiquated and unreliable way to obtain health information. Some of the most obvious reasons are:

The artificial induction of disease in laboratory animals creates an unnatural and misleading disease progression.

The stress of confinement and pain skews test results.

Species differences make extrapolation from animals to humans impossible.

Be sure to purchase household and personal products which are not tested on animals, and donate only to charities that do not fund vivisection.