What do we mean by the term Animal Rights? The cynical ask if we intend to give driver’s licenses and voting rights to animals. Our reply is simple: Granting fundamental rights to other species means we allow them to live their lives on their own terms, as nature intended. It means humansdo not own them and do not have any hardwired right to use, or dispose of, them as desired.

Those who profit from the exploitation of animals say we must “own” animals in order to protect them, and in a further twist of logic, argue their “responsible use” actually benefits the animal. Others point to the food chain, mistakenly assuming the top tiers were designed to exploit the lower ones. Still others fall on various religious arguments, failing to not only substantiate their beliefs with solid scriptural evidence, but to realize public policy cannot be based on any particular theological tenet.

It really all boils down to respect. Just as all human cultures, races, religions, genders, and ages are deserving of respect, so too are all species.

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