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The majority of people today are aware of puppy mills, cat and dog adoption, cat and dog overpopulation, and cat and dog spay/neuter.  The majority of people today do not know about bird mills, mass merchandising of small animals, wildlife/exotic pet trade, etc.  Cat and dog exploitation are more obvious because their roles as pets are more common.  But, behind the scenes there are millions of so-called starter pets, disposable pets, and pocket pets.  For every species of animal that can be considered a "pet," there are breeding mills, backyard breeders, "hobby" breeders, and in the case of exotics, abduction from the wild.

When you purchase any animal from a pet store, you line the pockets of large-scale breeders, wholesalers, and distributors of sentient beings. By hosting dog and cat adoption events, and donating a few dollars to spay/neuter programs, former puppy and kitten sellers PetSmart and PETCO have convinced the public they are honorable businesses. Once the campaign to get these two pet supply giants to end the sale of puppies and kittens successfully concluded, everyone relaxed and began praising them for their charitable practices.

The reality is an enormous number of animals continue to suffer at the hands of PetSmart and PETCO (and any other animal seller), because they don't have the same fan base that dogs and cats have. Just as dog and cat lovers see no conflict in eating cows, pigs, and chickens, most do not give a second thought to the commercial exploitation of hamsters, frogs, and birds.


Chart showing the extent of the business

Since bird and small animal rescue and adoption are comparatively new concepts, many groups are still very small and may not have a website or an official standing as an organization.  Often these groups start out as lovers of the particular species, who gradually become aware of the problem of pet stores and breeders.  Over time they take in unwanted animals and by word of mouth alone they grow. Eventually, many decide to apply for non-profit status out of necessity, but some choose to remain small and independent, thus harder to find.

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It is great to want to adopt an animal other than a dog or cat.  But, you need to do your homework first.  It doesn’t do the animal any good if you are not caring for him/her properly, or end up surrendering him yourself because you are overwhelmed.  Extensively research any unfamiliar animal you are thinking of adopting.

Research any unfamiliar species before adopting

Every time we buy our pet supplies at stores like PetSmart and Petco, we are allowing them to further their exploitation of animals.  We are, in essence, saying we are okay with their treatment of small animals and birds, just as long as they treat dogs and cats fairly.  We need to distance ourselves from these companies, and we need to tell them why.

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