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START will be participating in two big June events - Pagan Picnic, June 4-5; and PrideFest, June 25-26.

We will have a food booth at Pagan Picnic. This is a very friendly, very receptive crowd, and there are few other food booths, so it’s a great outreach and fundraising opportunity. PrideFest is a huge event with positive and interested attendees, so our information booth is always a success. Please let us know if you can lend a hand.

Two events in June need lots of volunteers

MO legislative session ends on a high noteCheck out this dynamic vegan websiteJohns Hopkins ends animal lab

There were lots of typical-MO-legislature bills this session, many of them idiotically scary. But, the animals prevailed.

Regardless of your ethnicity, Black Vegans Rock is a thought-provoking and inspiring resource.

Johns Hopkins became the second to last medical school to discontinue animal labs in its curriculum. The University of TN, Chattanooga is the remaining holdout.

Can you help get the word out that Wash U stubbornly refuses to use 21st Century training methods?

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SeaWorld struggles with declining attendance

Shameful treatment of a magnificent animal finally comes to a close

Can you help at these upcoming events?

Futile and barbaric animal experiments are bad enough. When taxpayers are unwittingly (and unwillingly) paying for them, that makes it even worse. Learn the truth at White Coat Waste.

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No matter what you like to do, or how little time you have, START has something available for you to do.

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