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“An Evening for the Animals”

University of Wisconsin

to begin

Archaic, Redundant

Maternal Deprivation


Researchers have nothing better to do than repeat decades-old studies

Contact UW, Madison

Chancellor Rebecca M. Blank

to voice your outrage

(See also Reply & Rebuttal)

Seventh Generation

Endorses Animal Testing


Seventh Generation

Let them know how disappointed you are at their reversal of policy


Tell them you will not purchase their products as long as they continue to advocate animal testing

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Silent Auction?

START’s annual

“An evening for

the Animals”

Silent Auction and Dinner

Is coming!

Saturday, November 22

We need volunteers, too!


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START  St. Louis Animal Rights Team

"The position we hold – the abolitionist position – is often said to be 'extreme,' and those of us who hold it are said to be 'extremists.'  The plain fact is, moral truth often is extreme, and must be, for when the injustice is absolute, then one must oppose it – absolutely."

Tom Regan, PhD